Monday, January 22, 2018

Bay-Friendly Garden at Lake Merritt

In-between rain storms, we have had some spectacular weather. When it rains here, it clears out all the smog in the air and it makes going out super. I went to the Bay-Friendly Garden at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

The Bay-Friendly Garden  is a holistic approach to gardening and landscaping that works in harmony with the natural conditions of the San Francisco Bay Watershed. Bay-Friendly practices foster soil health, conserve water and other valuable resources while reducing waste and preventing pollution:

The Bay-Friendly Garden at Lake Merritt is really beautiful and a great idea. It pays attention to climate and local conditions and uses appropriate plants that are adapted to those conditions. It follows maintenance practices that support the goals of conserving resources and reducing waste. What is really cool about the place is that you meet new friends while there:

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Music Monday: Birthday Number Ones

Music Monday: I am getting another ring around the tree soon and I decided to play the songs that were the the top song in nation from the week I was born going in ten-year intervals. They are all good songs but it is amazing to see how music has changed over the years:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and week.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Women's College Basketbal: Cal vs.UCLA

I went to the Cal/UCLA Women's Basketball Game and on paper it looked like a great match-up between two Top 25 teams but they don't play the games on paper. UCLA crushed Cal at Haas 82-46. It was ugly:

UCLA's Japreece Dean with the ball
Cal's Kristine Anigwe fighting for a rebound
Cal's Mikayla Cowling playing some "D"
Jaelyn Brown tying her shoe
UCLA's Monique Billings taking a shot
The Birdseye view
Cal's Kianna Smith dribbling through the UCLA D
Kristine Anigwe on the line
Cal's Asha Thomas driving to the hoop
Cal's Kristine Anigwe taking a shot

Cal might have got blowout but I still had fun as I feel lucky that I have great D-I women's basketball within a short drive.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Flying Over San Diego

Recently I was flying into San Diego and because I was a little bored, I decided to some pics from the plane as we coming into San Diego. It was a cold, grey day that is rarely seen in that city:

Trying to get the Naval ships in port

 It is pretty cool seeing a city as you come into the airport.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Quits by Sew 'N Sews at Hayward City Hall

I was in Hayward's City Hall and I didn't know that they had a gallery (I learn something new everyday) and they had a cool exhibit of quilts done by a group called Sew 'n Sews:

Sew 'n Sews is an African American Quilt Guild of Oakland that was started in 2000. They are dedicated to the growth  and focus on documenting history, culture and stories of quilters:

This exhibit was amazing to see and craftsmanship of these quilts were superb. I guess I need to check out the Hayward City Hall more often to see what they have in coming months.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Music Monday: Coloring Book Songs

Music Monday: Here are some songs with colors in title of them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and week.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Justice League Exhibit

A couple of days, I went to the Carl's Jr to get a quick breakfast (I know-not healthy) right by the BART station at Powell St in San Francisco. As I was walking I saw a Batman figure inside the AT&T San Francisco flagship store. I decided to check it out and they had a bunch of cool stuff up:

The Flash
Wonder Woman
Wonder Women's Sword
The Bat Signal
And they had blow up covers of the comics they first appeared in (except for Superman)

It was a pretty cool exhibit to see and I enjoyed myself.