Friday, May 24, 2019

Memorial Day 2019

Recently, I went over to The Presidio in San Francisco. The Presidio was an Army Base and a fortified location from September 17, 1776 when New Spain established it until it was transferred to the National Park Service on October 1, 1994 after 218 of years of service.

The Korea and Vietnam memorials:

And the two chapels:

The old post chapel was built in 1864 and has been modernized a couple of times
The Presidio Chapel built in 1931.
But mainly I went to pay my respects at the San Francisco National Cemetery. The San Francisco National Cemetery is located at the Presidio. It is not to be confused with the Golden Gate National Cemetery which is located about 10 miles away in San Bruno. The San Francisco National Cemetery was established in 1884:

The Golden Gate National Cemetery has all the famous names but the San Francisco National Cemetery has 35 Medal of Honor recipients buried there. Here are two of them:

And the San Francisco National Cemetery has one special grave to me. Even though he was absent in my life from when I was three until I was 26 and we sort of talked the last four years of his life, I still love my father and proud that he severed his country:

I know many think this weekend is about grilling and hanging out. Please say prayer for all the servicemen and servicewomen who have and are serving this country and protecting us.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

College Graphic T-Shirts

Holy Names University-Oakland, Ca
Geez, I have way too many graphic t-shirts. Here are my ones that I have acquired from different colleges:

Cal-State Bakersfield

University of San Francisco

University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV)-I have about five UNLV shirts
Fresno St. Univeristy

University of California Berkeley- Season ticket holder for Women's Basketball, got tons of Cal shirts

Did four years in the Navy and I got to rep them
My daughter went to University of New Hampshire for a year

She played rugby there and this was a fund-raising shirt for breast cancer awareness

When my daughter was a freshman in college, she went to Cal-State Monterey Bay for a year. Their nickname is the Otters and she bought me this:

I went to Cal-State Hayward and there are no shirts as this time from there. They changed their name to Cal-Sate East Bay and I will not wear a Cal-State East Bay shirt. It is my silent protest.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Surto Heights Park

I have to give props for this one to friend of mine. I told him that I was going over to the old Sutro Baths to take some pics and he told me to go across the street and take some pics of Sutro Heights Park. I said okay. Sutro Heights Park was the estate of Adolph Sutro who was a silver baron and a major land/developer in San Francisco who passed away in 1898. His daughter took over the property and couldn't maitain the house or grounds. After her death in 1938, it was turned over to city and made into a park. These days it is no longer owned by the city but part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and maintained by a local neighborhood group:

There is really not much left of the Sutro Home but it is great to thnk about how grand the house was:

Sutro Heights Park is a great place in San Francisco to explore and walk around.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Music Monday: A Super Werid Mix

Just a super weird mix on this Monday. Just have been listening to all kinds of weird things:

I know a totally weird mix. Thanks for bearing with me and have a wonderful Monday.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Welcome to the Treehouse

I am a member of the Treehouse. The Treehouse is a section above Left Field at the Oakland Coliseum, the home of the Oakland A's. It is a place to watch the game and to have a wonderful time:

And you never know who is going to be there or what is going on. The A's great radio voice Ken Korach and A's the beat writer from the San Francisco Chronicle Susan Slusser were there signing their new book:

Of course the view isn't bad and getting a Matt Chapman bobblehead is pretty also: