Saturday, July 13, 2013

"On The Line"-San Quentin Prison Arts Project

I was at the San Francisco Public Library and saw an exhibit called "On the Line". It is artwork done immates at San Quentin State Prison. The program provides art for the immates and helps keep them out of trouble by giving them something constructive do to that is positive. I thought some of the artwork was really good:

"The Cell"-Gary Harrell
"Corporation of Correction"-Bruce Fowler
"Solitary"-Brerdan Murbak

"The City of New Hope USA"-Peter Bergne
"Dragon Eyes"-Paul Stauffer
"Contemplation"-Chadrick Tobias
"San Quentin Under Armageddon Skies"-Darryl Kennedy

"Tightrope of Hope"-Mwasi/Isiah Daniels
"A Better Investment"-Michael Williams


  1. Wow....there is some great artwork here. Dragon Eyes was good and can feel that one. Some eye opening talent behind those walls.

  2. Is there any way to get prints of these work? The art is astounding.


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