Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cal-Arizona Football Pregame

I went to the Cal-Arizona football game yesterday (11-2-13) with my son. Cal is having one of their worst years on record and are getting boatraced in every game. The paltry crowd of just over 41,000 showed up, making the pre-game activities kind of dead, but there was still some fun to be had:

Arizona fans having a little party on a Cal campus
Cal fans enjoying themseleves
This guy was head over heels for Cal
Former Cal QB Mike Pawlawski doing his pre-game radio show
The Cheerleaders trying to get the pre-game crowd going
The people on Tightwad Hill seem to be having fun before the game. Tightwad Hill is an area that overlooks Memorial Stadium and people sit up there for free and watch the game.
As I said the pre-game spirit was kind of dead and nobody was there. The best thing about it was the all-you-can-eat BBQ. They lower the prices big time. By showing my COSTCO card, my son and I had a feast (plus two drinks) for $20. Better than inside prices for a hot dog and a soda:

Ribs, beans and some rolls. There was some great beef brisket underneath the ribs and yes we both went back for seconds.


  1. Haha, I would have definitely gone back for seconds also...looks good! I'm digging the Tightwad cool is that! Have a great evening Patrick!

    1. Thanks Michell. Memorial Stadium is a great location as it is located with great views of Bay Area. Here is some history of Tightwad Hill;

      Tightwad Hill is part of Charter Hill, the area behind campus that also encompasses the Big "C". Tightwad Hill rises steeply about 100 feet above the east rim of the stadium, to a relatively flat area where spectators perch. Created when Memorial Stadium was built in 1923, Tightwad Hill was created from the dirt removed during the excavation of lower Strawberry Canyon. The first time fans were seen on the hill for Cal games was in 1924. Since then, U.C. Berkeley students, staff, faculty, and the public have enjoyed fall days on the Hill, cheering for the Golden Bears and enjoying the view of the U.C. campus, downtown Berkeley, and the central San Francisco Bay.

      There are and have been many unique features on the hill over the years. Some of the current items include:

      - A bench that was built in a tree over 15–20 years ago
      - Trash cans and recycling bins to help keep the hill looking spotless following games
      - Terraces formed into the steep hillside to facilitate seating
      - "The Tightwad Country Club", which is the seating area below the Tightwad Hill sign
      - "The Pit", which is an area filled with broken glass below the lowest seating area on the main part of the Hill.
      - "Tightwad Country Club Bench 2.0", which is an updated version of the bench that was in the same spot from 2004 to 2007 nailed to the base of a tree below the Country Club. The new bench made its debut during the 115th Big Game on October 20th, 2012.

      And Green Day mentioned Tightwad Hill in a song.

  2. i'm so embarrassed to say i've never been to tightwad hill. i went to only a few games during my four years there because i was such a stresed out dork, double-majoring and totally in over my head.

    1. Why be embarrssed, you went to school to learn and not watch football. And learn you did.


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