Monday, August 31, 2015

Music Monday: Historical Songs

For this Music Monday, we are going to learn a little history. I hope that you are able to dance while learning some history:

Hope you danced and learned a little history.


  1. I danced heheh! good choices especially Billy Joel

    Have a histrionictastic day :-)

  2. Great song choices! I love Alan Jackson. Have a terrific week.

  3. Summa NEW... Summa Old... Summa ROCK... Summa Swing... love, love, luvin' all your choices... you definitely got taste and the BEAT!!! Thanks for rockin' with us my friend. Alan Jackson's tune was awesome!

  4. I loved that you incorporated the theme "school" into a musical history lesson. Perfect! I knew Billy Joel's well.

  5. Oooh you love music too! You should come by my blog... I post free-and-legal music whenever I can find it, and this week was a old blues collection on google play. Linking to the specific post in my URL. :)


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