Sunday, August 19, 2018

Music Monday: All Aretha

On this Music Monday, we are paying tribute to the "Queen of Soul" -Aretha Franklin who passed away last week at 76. She was a music icon whose music will last forever:

Thank You Aretha Franklin for all of the wonderful music in our lives.


  1. She was amazing (and I'm not one who throws that word around lightly). Modern music was at its pinnacle during the early years of her career. There will never be another Motown or another Aretha Franklin!

  2. I figured a lot of folks would pick her today and she is worth it.

  3. Well-done tribute to the First Lady of Soul, Pat. Thanks!

  4. Nice tribute, Patrick! She was truly a legend and gave so much to the the musical community.

  5. I'm sure we all have our own favorites from the Queen & we share some my friend! We lost a very soulful soul, she is the Queen.

  6. Patrick,

    I'm sorry for not dancing over sooner but it's been one of those crazy weeks! Every time I think of Aretha, I think of R-E-S-PECT and her role in The Blues Brothers. You did the late legend well with this tribute. Earth's loss is heaven's gain. May you rest in peace Aretha! Thanks for sharing such a bouquet of her tunes on the dance floor, my friend!

  7. Hi Patrick,
    Sorry it took me all week to get over here. But I made it at least. I did an Aretha tribute too. I thought most of us would feature Aretha but actually only a few of us did so that was cool. You had some great picks here. I love your first one, of her doing "The Thrill is Gone".
    I used the Carole King Kennedy Center Honors Aretha performance but I didn't have the cool intro by Abby Mueller (who played Carole in the show "Beautiful—The Carole King Musical"; it toured nationally before going to Broadway. I'd love to see it!)
    I also enjoyed her Rock Steady performance and that video with George Michael.
    Freeway of Love is one of my favorites. Or course my ultimate fav is Respect. That was a regular feature at my bar...

    Have a good weekend. See you in a few days for the next 4M,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  8. Great tribute Patrick. Some great music here. I will always love Respect, such and amazing song. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays last week. Hope you can join us today.


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