Friday, December 7, 2018

Wonderland Bakery

In the Summerlin area of Las Vegas (near the Red Rock Casino) there is a small bakery called the Wonderland Bakery and all of their treats are a wonder:

One thing that they are known for are their beautiful cakes:

The Wonderland Bakery is a place that you can really get your sweet tooth going.


  1. All those treats are tempting, and the cakes are amazing. You're making me hungry!
    My Saturday Snapshot post features gingerbread houses.

  2. I think I gained 5lbs just looking at the pics on this post. YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing on Fabulous Friday

  3. Oh, my goodness, I haven't had breakfast yet and now my belly is rumbling! All of it looks soooo good! <3

  4. Aren't they all delicious! That burger cake is kooky


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