Thursday, March 19, 2020

Someone is in the Kitchen.

 We have a "shelter in place" here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can only go out for essential errands like going to the grocery store, going to the doctor office, getting medicine and going for walks. With that, basically all the restaurants are closed, except for the major chains (go figure), so I am doing more cooking here at home and I will be posting the slop I cook here on this blog. I so want to call this - A Dufus in the Kitchen but I won't.

Here is me making homemade stew from scrach. First the ingredients (I have never took pics of my cooking or the way I cook and please don't ask me for cups, teaspoons, etc., because I cook to my taste):

And some of the cooking process:

Browning the meat to start

Boiling the meat and then letting it cook for 2 1/2 hours on low

The veggie's about to go in
And here is the final result:

I am not going on Food Network or opening my own restaurant anytime soon but I cook well enough to feed myself in a healthy manner, poison others who eat my cooking or burn the house down.


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  2. I cook the same way. We are not in shelter in place yet, but it may be coming. I am cooking more now that we don't eat out and am using online shopping to keep out of busy stores. - Margy

  3. looks and sounds yumm! Thanks for joining us in bloggers pit stop - pit stop crew

  4. Comfort food is always good when we're stuck at home. :)

  5. This looks super hearty and tasty, Patrick! I am the same as you when people ask me for a recipe, I usually tell them that I can give a list of potential ingredients and they are on their own for the rest!


  6. Reading this having not had dinner - looks delicious! #ThatFridayLinky


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