Wednesday, April 22, 2020

New Graphic Tee's and One Hoodie

Just some new graphic t-shirts that I have received (or bought) since the beginning of the year:

Found this one at Target

What was cool about this is that I bought it off the artist as he was a street vendor
When I was at the Stanley Mouse Exhibit had to get this
And the rest are from bookstores. Two of the most famous in the world and my local one

One of the most famous bookstores in the world. The birthplace of the Beat Movement of the 1950's
Powell's City of Books in Portland
My local one
And my new hoodie:

VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland
What is really cool about all these shirts is that they are in my favorite color scheme: Black or Grey.


  1. I noticed that you favorite color scheme is the same as my oldest son.

  2. I love your collection of graphic tees and hoodies! I love how graphic tops tell such wonderful stories about who we are and where we have been! Thanks for sharing and linking up.



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