Sunday, May 31, 2020

Music Monday: Trying to Make a Little Magic

Music Monday: Just trying to make a little magic:

Hope there was some magic in these songs and I hope that everyone has a great week and is safe and healthy.


  1. Well, you're steppin' out of your norm aren't you? Well, rock on brutha!!! I've never heard any of these. The music is really changing don't you think? My favorite is definitely MOTOWN, but I definitely listen to many others! Have a great day & stay safe! If you been following the news I live like ten to 15 minutes away from Aurora, so we're staying in today and maybe a couple of days. I sure wish people would get the act together. Sheesh!

  2. Patrick,

    I'd like to purrform a little magic making all the hatred for one another go POOF! Mewsic is the language a bridge that connects us all filling our hearts with happiness and warmth. I say, let's skip the news and turn up the radio real LOUD and boogie to the joyful sound of great mewsic. Fun theme and fabulous song picks. Thanks for boogieing with the 4M crew, my friend. Be safe and well!

  3. Great selections! I especially liked Foster The People!


  4. Very interesting - from my viewpoint you come up with a lot of music I am not familiar with. I wish we had some magic for this world right now. My favorite was Foster the People - the only song I know from them is Pumped up Kicks and this one didn't disappoint, either.

  5. great picks thanks for sharing them.

  6. I LOVE ALL YOUR CHOICES, PATRICK!! Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to shout...heh!! And you might be interested to know that Princess Nagger is the one who introduced me to Foster The People - so word has it you have good taste. ;) Thanks for the dance!


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