Sunday, June 21, 2020

Music Monday: Some World Music

Music Monday: Just some sounds from around the world:

Got to have a little reggae:

And some Irish jig music:

And some sitar music:

Some K-Pop:

And you need some African Drums:

And you need some Hebrew Pop:

Hope you enjoyed this look from music around the world.


  1. ...the Marly clan is always a good bet. My tow oldest grandchildren have a Korean mom and the like Gangnam Style!

  2. Patrick,

    You brought the flavor of the world to the dance floor today. I especially enjoyed the Hebrew pop artist, Eden. I read that she gained popularity after finishing second place on X-Factor Israel. She has a lovely tone. I'm going to sample more of her tunes on YT. :) Have a boogietastic week, my friend.

  3. omg That lil' boy that starts out is awesome & I totally agree with him! Marley looks very young in that video, but it's great. Haven't heard that one in a while. Whoa, & Irish jig, alright... good pickins'! Sitar music never heard that word before. Pretty music, but nicer to watch I think. Great job of choosing that one my friend & that girl really knows her stuff - AWESOME! Gingam Style... hahahaha Great fillin' !!! hahaha Everyone is doin' it, but I think it has slowed down some, don't you? haha Love the next tune with the bongos... WOW! Those guys are so talented. Love it. I'll tell you Hebrew, Arabian, Egyption, India or Egypt... it all sounds the same to me absolutely beautiful and I love the dancing. GREAT JOB my friend. Nope, my favorite is the last tune you posted. Such great singin' and dancin! Great job my friend... thank you! Thank you for sharin' also! hugs

  4. Great music this week! I especially love me some Ziggy Marley!


  5. A great selection here. My favorites were Eden Ben Zaken (I just wanted to get up and dance!) and Galway Girl (ditto) but these were all good!


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