Thursday, March 25, 2021

Morning in Niles


The other Saturday morning I got up early and walked around the Niles section of Fremont and went to their little farmers market. It was a nice early morning walk before Niles got really busy:

The cool thing was they had all the vintage cars parked in the stalls downtown:

It was a wonderful way to start the morning. 


  1. It must have been early - there is no people in your photos! Those strawberries look fantastic!

  2. Oh wow.....those cars are awesome. I love farmers markets too

  3. Very nice vintage cars. Visiting a farmers' markets is usually fun. #WeekendCoffeeShare

  4. Well that was certainly a boy's day out Patrick. My dad used to restore vintage cars as a hobby and your photos brought back a lot of memories.

  5. Ooh, how fun are the old vehicles! I am looking forward to our local farm market opening for the season. But first we have a winter storm to weather this week!


  6. Interesting pics! What's with all the cabooses? Seems like lots of places have them. My little home town I was raised in even has one. Thanks so much for linking up with me at the Unlimited Monthly Link Party 23. Pinned!


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