Thursday, September 9, 2021

Hayward and Union City 9/11 Memorials


This is the first time I have ever reused a blog or in this case two blogs.  With it being the sad 20-year anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11, I combined two blogs that I did a couple of years ago into one  to show how my little world remembers the tragic events of that day.

The first part is The Flight 93 memorial. It near the Union Landing Shopping Center in Union City, Ca which is about six minutes from my house and I go shopping at Smart and Final for groceries all the time which is basically across the street

 The passengers and flight attendants who attempted to regain control of that flight are true heroes:

The second part is in my city of Hayward, they city leaders did a 9/11 memorial downtown:

These are simple but yet powerful memorials to the brave people who lost their lives on that horrible day. May we never forget what happened on that day and pray for the souls of all those who lost their lives and were injured on that day and their families. 


  1. any memorial that deals with 9/11 just instantly makes me want to cry. God bless all those people on Flight 93 - can you imagine them sacrificing so much. Everyone really in that day - just still so heart breaking!

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