Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Spire and The Presidio Tunnel Tops


The other morning I went over to the Presidio in San Francisco. The Presidio is a famous Army base that is now a part of the Golden Gate Recreation Area. I didn't go for the Army stuff, I went over to see a couple of things.

First was the new park that has been created there, it is called Tunnel Tops. It is a 14 acre park at the Presidio and it may have a view: 

And there might be a view or two:

After hanging out at the Tunnel Tops Park, I took the shuttle over and took a look at Spire. Spire is a 100-ft on the Bay Ridge Trail and is considered a symbol of the rejuvenation of the Presidio Forest:

Here is Spire:

After seeing Spire, I realized I was hungry and had a nice breakfast at the Presidio Golf Club:

It was a beautiful morning of adventure. 


  1. Sounds like a great day! I remember a movie called The Presidio.

  2. That is a pretty cool view, there's lots to see there and your brekkie looks good too

  3. Those curved wooden benches look fantastic!

  4. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. This looks like a great outing on a beautiful day.

  5. That park looks lovely! I haven't been to San Francisco in nearly a decade--will have to check it out when I finally get back there.


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