Sunday, July 7, 2024

Music Monday: Songs from the Summer of 1984

 Music Monday: Just some songs from the Billboard Top 40 dated July, 7, 1984:

At #34

At #27:

At #20:

At #12:

At #8:

At #2:

Hope you enjoyed this look back at some of the most popular songs from 40 years ago.


  1. Great idea! I think I'll do something similar...

  2. Great idea, and, to my surprise, I didn't know many of these songs. It could be because I didn't listen to Top 40 stations until around 1986, so it was a good introduction to the part of 1984 I didn't know that much about, musically speaking.

  3. I wasn’t keeping up with top 40 that year, I was in school and studying hard, so I only remember a few of these

  4. Wow - how fast 40 years go by! ☺ That was a fun blast from the past.

  5. I don't remember the first song but I do remember the movie. All of the other Top 40 hits from 1984 I do recall quit well. Fabulous job. Have a boogietastic week, Patrick!

  6. I was 20 yrs old...this music doesn't feel old to me. I wonder what 20 yr Olds think? If I thought back to 1944, it was the big band era with Sinatra and Doris Day. There wad no rock and roll back then


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