Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forrest Gump???

I woke this morning and was going to start writing my firm and brimstone today. I do have a lot of opinions that I want to share, but due to events of today I will wait on that. You may get a op-ed from me as that is my nature.

Today at work, we had a speaker for the students. Turned out, it was a guy named Daniel Handler who wrote the Lemony Snicket books. He is a very good speaker and a nice guy to boot.

I found out a lot of things about the series (I have never read it), the hidden meanings of things in the books and what he is starting to write now. It was really cool. to get the inside info on this very popular series.

It got me thinking that I have led a Forrest Gump type of existence. Meeting famous people, mostly by luck. I have been at the right place at the right time and have met a ton of famous people. It started in high school when I got my first job at local restaurant as a dishwasher and busboy. A lot of famous people walked in there (they got comped for their meals) and so I was able to meet them. It has been pretty cool. Things like Huey Lewis bumping into me a Longs (now CVS) Drug Store not once but twice to watching a free-for-all bar fight featuring 01 U.S Army Joe Nemechek team. I have had many more encouters in my life. The one thing that people ask for proof, a pic, an autograph or something. I do not plan these things, I mean today there was an e-mail sent out a work and they forgot to include me. As they say "Shit, just happens", I do not plan this stuff. I am very happy when they do because it adds to the quality of my life. I guess people are sometimes jealous because I do get out and about. That is what it is, because I am a doer and a lot of people are not. Sometimes I end of in strange places, but for the most part I have a great time following the wind.

As I said I am a big baseball fan. I am the rare fan that likes both Bay Area teamsn (A's and Giants). I roo for both to do well. When they play I do root for the A's as I go to more A's games than Giants games.

The one thing I like doing is going to Class(High) A games. In my view there is nothing better than watching a Stockton Ports (A's), San Jose Giants (Giants) or a Modesto Nuts (Rockies) game. It is really cool to see the future major leaguers before they make it. And "Down on the Farm" they are more likely to sign autographes and take pics. I guess you can say Forrest Gump.

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