Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here is a question that I have been pondering lately: What is social justice? It is true justice for those who do not have a voice in this country or is it justice for those who scream the loudest.

The reason that I have been thinking about this lately is that I hear the term "social justice" a lot from people who are what I call "cause people". I work with some of them and it amazes me that it is all about them and their causes. It is this or that, they say that they are fighting for "social justice" with their cause or causes, but what are they fighting for is it justice for those in need or is for their own egos. I don't know. It is something that I have been thinking about a lot.

I consider myself a middle of the road Democrat. I am very liberal on some issues and very conservative on others. People do not understand that. They tell me that nobody can be that. You are either one way or another. I tell them that is one of the big problems in this country is that everybody is so partisan in their politics and their faith. It is almost like they can not listen to anybody else who does not agree with them.

This is coming up more and more in my life. I am wondering about myself and what I believe in. I have always said that I am fluid-my views can change. Some people call that wishy-washy or a flip-flopper, but I think that it is due to more education on a subject.

I grew up among "cause people" it was always something no grapes, no lettuce, no nukes, no this or that. As a youngster I thought it cool to be a "cause person". That ended when I saw the hypocrisy in some of these people. One was a diehard CP (Communist Party) USA member and would always say capitalism needs to go, but he had a lot of money due to the fact that he owned liquor stores in poor neighborhoods, I know "cause people who would shout "social justice" for the poor but when someone proposed building a homeless shelter in their neighborhoods they suddenly became NIMBY's. Stuff like that. It kind of soured me on "cause people".

I have seen a lot more examples of this in my life, but I will try to keep focused and not go off on that tangent.

As I have aged, I have seen a whole new younger generation become "cause people" and are out for "social justice". They tell me come to this event or do that and they always say, when I object and lay the whole bag of snakes out for them, "Oh, it is different now" we are about action. I see right through that, it is the same rhetoric that they have been using for years.

Of course, people think that I am uneducated or was born with much less intelligence that them and they spout this to other co-workers and their friends. It happens all the time, but my question again is that because I have own views and march to my own drummer (as many millions of us do) are "the cause people" feeding their own egos by bashing us or are they just try to enlighten us because they have the answers?

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