Tuesday, December 17, 2013

They Made Anything Into A Bubble Gum Card

A pack of 1993 UK Royal Family Trading Cards
I went back to one of favorite so-called "geek" shops and they had some more interesting trading cards from back in the day:

A  wax box of 1987 Alf cards
A wax box of 1987 Harry and the Hendersons cards
1991 Terminator: Judgement Day Wax Box
1983 Topps Video City wax box. Your favorite video games have become cards
1976 King Kong Wax Box
1982 M*A*S*H wax box
1980 Topps Superman II Pack
1999 Upper Deck Rickey Martin pack
1981 Topps Raiders of the Lost Ark pack
And the one I bought because I was involved:

1991 Topps Desert Storm set

It is amazing what they have made bubble gum cards out of.

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