Saturday, June 28, 2014

Some New Baseball Stuff

A's seat cushion
Decided to share some of the new baseball things I have got lately. We'll start with the books:

2014 Oakland A's Media Guide. Something I have been buying for like 30 years
"Up, Up & Away"-It is story of the Montreal Expos. A really good read.
"Battle of the Bay"-The best season in Bay Area baseball history happened 25 years ago and this book tells the story of it.
And now my favorite-the bobbleheads:

Josh Donaldson of the A's
Stretch- HOFerWillie McCovey of the Giants
Catfish Hunter of the A's. The best Father's Day present from the kiddos
And some odds and ends:

Asheville  Tourists fitted hat
A's rally towel
A's button
The season is only half-over. Hopefully, I can get some more things to add to my collection before the season ends.


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