Sunday, July 3, 2016

Music Monday: Celebrating Ameica

Music Monday: Since it is Independence Day, we are going for those tunes:

The best version of the our National Anthem at a sports event ever:

The Master signing his song:

Have a good and safe Independence Day.


  1. Good selections ...Happy 4th July greetings to you from London UK :-)

  2. Enjoyed these! Happy Independence Day!

  3. Patrick, Ray Charles' rendition of America the Beautiful is beautifully done and so heart touching. You can tell he means every single word sung. This generation and earlier knew what it meant to be patriotic. It's sad most of the 30-something crowd and younger are clueless. Thank you for sharing such a moving song on this day of our nation's independence celebration. God bless America and may freedom ring from sea to shining sea.

  4. Great choices my friend, but I have to bow out for today I just got word my Aunt Mitzi has passed away and my heart is broken.

  5. Very nice selections.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Some great tunes for America's birthday! Thanks for stopping by!


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