Sunday, July 24, 2016

Music Monday: The Summer of 1986

Music Monday: Going back to the summer of 1986. I have many fond memories of that summer. It was the summer before my senior year in high school and I enjoyed it and listened to a bunch of cool tunes:

Hope you enjoyed some of the songs from the summer before I was a senior in high school.


  1. Dude of dudes, you are so rockin' the house this week, and WOW look how young Madonna is. Awesome! Have a rockin' week and thanks for sharing. Love to dance with ya! hugs

  2. Patrick, the 80s put out some great dance music. All of yesterday artists so young and in their prime in the mid-80s. It just reminds me none of us are as young as we use to be, but at least we're all still young at heart, right? Thanks for sharing these fabulous songs from the past, my friend!

    Mewsic Moves Me with #BoTB Results & new-to-me artist, Laura Veirs

  3. Funny, that was the year I turned 30. That was a particularly good era for music. Nice set!

  4. That is good to have such fond memories.
    I enjoyed some of these more as they are favorites

    Enjoy your Thursday!


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