Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cal Soccer

Edwards Stadium-Home of Cal Soccer
So, I was in Berkeley and went to a place to get a haircut, then I was walking down to the BART and passed Edwards Stadium. The Cal Men's Soccer Team was playing Nebraska Omaha, so I decided to take a look and shoot some pics:

Cal's Christian Thierjung scores on a penalty kick
Nebraska Omaha's goalie Joseph Ghitis
Cal's Trevor Haberkorn
Nebraska Omaha's Joel Kazhila

Cal's Ugo Rebecchini going for the ball
Cal's goalie Jonathan Klinsmann

I got there for the last ten minutes of the match and Cal won 2-0.


  1. Love soccer =) Cristiano Ronaldo is from my country =) PORTUGAL =) Love this post =)

  2. i went to cal and i still have yet to go to a rugby game. that's a sport we dominate in!


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