Sunday, September 11, 2016

Music Monday:Random Tunes

Music Monday, just some random tunes for you:

This first one is in honor of that terrible day 15 years ago:

The next two here are people I saw over the weekend:

And some Random Stuff I have been listening to:

I know it is an odd mix but it was I have been listening to lately.


  1. Nice tribute for the first one

    Oh! what fun seeing the others I'm jealous heheh!

    Have a concerttastic day :-)

  2. You really have a heart for music my friend, and I'm proud to know you. Love your pickin's! Jump Jivin' is fab! I've got the whole CD it's great! Chaka Chan an old favorite too... all are simply on the groove! You have rocked the house! hugs

  3. I haven't heard Chaka Kahn in a long time!
    Thanks for the list.
    Have a fun week!

  4. Very nice tribute song by Alan Jackson.
    wow, you got to see those 2nd two...very cool!

    I have weird collections of music I listen to as well.:)
    Rock on!


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