Thursday, November 16, 2017

Positive Messaging Art by Susan O'Malley

When I was at the Oakland Museum I saw these prints and they struck me. They were by an artist named Susan O'Malley. Her artwork is deeply engaged in social practice, participatory exchanges, public art and positive messaging. All of O’Malley’s work, both as artist and curator, reflected a rare generosity and empathy for those around her — to the extent that her boundless enthusiasm sometimes baffled cynics unable to grasp the actual work of optimism:

Sadly, about 2 1/2 years ago O'Malley collapsed and never regained consciousness while in her last week of pregnancy with twins, who survived only briefly. Her positive spirit is missed.


  1. What a terribly sad end for such a positive person. I love each and every one of these quotes and I have a picture in my head of her laughing in heaven with those twins to keep her company.

  2. Oh wow, Patrick, what a tragic ending...I did not see that part coming after all the positive. But she was so positive that I am sure she lived a very fulfilled and happy life even though it was cut short. I think positive messaging is so important for all of us. Constant reminders that we are okay, that we are strong, that happiness and well being are right in front of our eyes. The power of these messages is very real and putting them right in front of your face has been known to save lives. Thank you so much for sharing her wonderful artwork!


  3. This is some wonderful art and so inspiring. Sad to hear of her tragic death.

  4. So tragic! I'm so sad :(


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