Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Lunar New Year-Celebrating the Year of the Dog

February 16th marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year in the Chinese calendar. In 2018, we are celebrating the Year of the Dog (the images I shot are  from -indoors-San Francisco Main Public Library and outside Portsmouth Square-San Francisco):

See all of these masks in Portsmouth Square (in the heart of Chinatown) in San Francisco was really cool:

Wishing everyone peace and happiness in the New Lunar Year:


  1. Such a colourful celebration and always fun to get involved in with crafts and food. Not sure I know any dogs though but would be interesting to find out #MMBC - Monday Morning Blog Club

  2. Lots of colour in the dragon heads.

  3. Ooo these photos are so vibrant and colourful! #blogcrush

  4. My daughter and son were at the SFO CNY parade. They sent some videos. It was lovely.

  5. happy year of the dog. i already feel like this is a great year!


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