Sunday, February 18, 2018

Music Monday: Some (Unofficial) Olympic Sports Theme Songs

Music Monday: Just having some fun with the Olympics as here are some fun theme (not official) for some of the sports:

This was the official theme song of the torch relay:

Here is a song for my favorite sport-Curling:

Freestyle Skiing/Snowboarding:

Luge and Skeleton:

Ski Jumping:

All Speed Skating:

Hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Patrick,

    Well...I came over to you site started listening to mewsic while I do house chores then forgot to comment. lol I enjoyed your your nice mix of tunes. It makes doing work more fun to boogie to good mewsic. Thanks for hitting the dance floor and for stopping by my place. Have an awesome week, my friend!

  2. An interesting array of tunes. Guess we can now stop caring about curling and luge for another four years...


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