Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hanging at the Ballpark- A's Style

If you me, then you know I am a huge and lifelong fan of the Oakland A's. This was the A's 50th Anniversary season in Oakland and what a great season it has been. The A's made the playoffs as the second wild card in the American League. Here is a HodgePodge of pics from various games I attended this year:

And here are scenes around the ballpark:

And some of the cool giveways:

Black Panther Bobblehead
SugarSkull Bobblehead (I was trying to be artistic here)
Sean Manaea No Hitter Bobblehead
Dave Stewart Action Figure
It was a great season at the Oakland Coliseum and a great season for the Oakland A's. The best thing about it is not over yet:


  1. Such great fotos.. . Wish my yard was that pretty!

  2.'s not all about the game anymore.

  3. Your photos really invite us into the moment . . . (I hope those green musicians were pleasing) -

  4. Fun photos! Baseball games are very fun!

  5. I would love to visit a game. We do not have anything like that over here in the UK. #Weekendbloghop


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