Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Shelldance Orchid Garden


I was over in Pacifica and found this amazing place that is off the beaten path totally. It is called The Shelldance Orchid Garden. The Garden Greenhouses were first built in 1949 by a local rancher. In 1976, Nancy Davis and Michael Rothenberg moved into the vacant greenhouses and created Shelldance Orchard Garden. In 2022, the Gardens are now Historic Landmark qualified and are still operation:

And this guy loves the Garden:

Shelldance Orchid Garden is such a cool place to walk around.


  1. Lots of pretty flowers and plants. That cat looks quite comfy, huh? Thanks so much for linking up at Wordless Wednesday to Foto Friday 5. Shared.

  2. CONGRATS Patrick! Your post is FEATURED at Wordless Wednesday to Foto Friday 6.


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