Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hayward Library Groundbreaking

My hometown-Hayward, Ca had a little party. It was a groundbreaking ceremony for a new library and heritage plaza across the street from our old library, It was a great time:

One of the cool things about the current library is that they have a seed library:

The coolest thing was that brought out the iconic "Big Mike":

Construction will take about 20 months. Can't wait until it is built.


  1. Patrick, I love those old file cabinets ~ gorgeous! Great that you captured this moment in your hometown. A library is a wonderful resource for the public. Thanks for joining my #WW linky party!

  2. This is so cool and the little cups with shovels as momentum's what a cute idea. Thanks for sharing... what a fun time historically. It's great you took pictures. Those could be worth money some day maybe or at least go in history books. Wouldn't that be neat! Woo Hoo

  3. Wow, they made a party out of a ground breaking. Rebecca

  4. Have to admit, I don't know where Hayward is (I live close to Sacramento). What a great idea to make the groundbreaking official! Very cool to have a seed library:)

  5. How cool to have a seed library!

  6. I just love that this groundbreakng became a party - often it would be just part of the construction process and not celebrated for what it is - the start of something that will touch and benefit so many. Thanks for linking upa t #sharethejoy again x


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