Monday, June 27, 2016

Music Monday: The IPOD Repeat

Music Monday: Just some songs that I have been pushing the repeat button on my IPOD recently:

And RIP to a music legend

I know it is a totally strange mix but that is me.


  1. All goodies to get me started this week... let's boogie while I see what else ya got here... OMG You even have Wolfman Jack hahaha I remember him. Great one.. my friend! HUGS THANKS for sharing. woo hoo oh wow and Joe is so young there in that video... good one my friend.. where did you ever find that one? hahaha awww Jackson Brown was and is one of my most favorite dudes... and to your last one... a legend up in heaven with the rest of the legends going to have a good ol' party eeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwww... RIP Ol' friend! Good job Patrick... I always have a great time when I come over to boogie with you... thanks for the dance my friend! hugs

  2. Good selections this week especially Jackson Browne & REM :-)

  3. Good set! I love hearing "Man In Motion" again... almost (ALMOST) makes me want to see the movie...

  4. Great tumes,thanks for sharing them!

  5. Wonderful choices. I enjoyed listening to them while painting. :)

  6. I always enjoy St. Elmo's Fire.
    Thanks for the list.


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