Monday, June 13, 2016

Music Monday:Night Ranger

On this Music Monday, I featuring one of my all time favorite groups and that is Night Ranger. I got to see them live on Saturday Night and they can still bring and are still awesome:

The song that got me into the group in 1983:

Night Ranger has been one of my favs for 30 years and I so happy I got see them over the weekend.


  1. For first time hearing I quite liked them :-)

  2. Night Rider is a wonderful band. I enjoyed this stop.

  3. Well, thanks for the introduction. I've never heard of this guy/group. Guess I've been livin' under a rock huh? hahaha Have a rockin' week my friend and thanks again for the Birthday wishes! hugs

    1. You are welcome. Night Ranger was big in the mod-80's. I guess we followed them more out here because they are a Bay Area band.

  4. Thanks for introducing these and glad you got to hear them again too.

  5. I love 80's rock. Great songs! Have a terrific day!


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