Monday, June 6, 2016

Music Monday: Opposites Attract

For this Music Monday we are going to try Opposites Attract:

The first set is Winter/Summer

The second set is Day and Night:

The last set is Heroes and Villains:

And a bonus track:

Hope you enjoyed this Music Monday.


  1. Those are perfect selections, Patrick! Nicely done! :) Thanks for the dance! :)

    Drunk On A Plane, Yeah? No – how about a Pontoon instead?

  2. Good choices nice to see Cat Stevens among them :-)

  3. I enjoyed your music. Thanks for posting.

  4. I agree Cat Stevens is terrific...heck, all your picks are terrific. Believe it or not, I had not heard that Bangles song before.

  5. That last one way ta go my friend. That's a good one. Others are rockin' too.. so many I haven't heard in a while. It was good to hear them again! YOU ROCK!

  6. Always love to find new tunes.
    Thanks for rocking out!


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