Monday, August 1, 2016

Music Monday: The Summer of 1996

Music Monday: Last week, I went for the Summer of 1986, this week I am aiming for the Summer of 1996:

Hope you enjoyed the music that was popular 20 years ago.


  1. Brilliant choices haven't heard The Smashing Pumpkins in agees and I lurrve Tracy Chapman

    Have a musictastic week :-)

  2. Patrick, I'm not as familiar with your 90s artist picks as I was with the singers in the 80s. Of course, Eric Clapton and Celine Dion I know. I love these choices! I sorta know The Smashing Pumpkins, but in name only. The only one I really didn't care much for his Bone Thugs N Harmony. Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew and have a tunetastic week, my friend!

  3. Dude of dudes, you got everybody's number here that's for sure! I got a couple introductions here, but mostly everyone I knew. ERic Clapton of course is a favorite! Thanks for the boogie... Have a rockintastic week!

  4. I was just listening to that Donna Lewis at home yesterday! Very good selections! I enjoyed.

  5. Isn't it funny how each decade has its own sound? Loved your choices, Patrick! Totally 90's! :)

    From The Ground Up just Rise, Move, and Ride!


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