Monday, August 29, 2016

Music Monday-What I Have Been Listening To

Something happened over the weekend to my blog. Somehow it got fixed and it working again. Who knows but here is a little Music Monday with what I have been listening to:

And here is one because I got things straight and I feel about people who read this:

Hope everybody enjoys a little music on this Monday.


  1. Good choices especially Shiny Happy People :-)

    The problem could have been on your host side Patrick :-)

  2. Well, check you out! Welcome back! So happy you got it all straighten out. Sure would like to know what happened, but who cares you are back and in full rockin' mode! All right! Thanks for rockin' on with us Patrick. You have totally rocked the house and I'm luvin our dance. You boogie GREAT!!! I haven't heard these songs and some I just haven't heard in a long time.!!! Fantastic! YOU ROCK~!

  3. Patrick, glad your blog is up again. I'm sorry to hear you were having issues with your site, but that happens occasionally. You have some great tunes straight out of the 80s. I remember most of your selections quite well. Shiny Happy People is new-to-me, though. Thanks for sharing it! Have a tunetastic week, my friend.

  4. Glad your blog was fixed!!
    And thanks for the music list.
    Ahh Janet. I wonder how the baby making is coming along.


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