Sunday, January 29, 2017

Music Monday: Songs with Blue in the Title

Music Monday: Here are some songs with the word blue in the title:

Hope you enjoyed these songs and are not having a Blue Monday but a good one.


  1. Patrick, You introduced all new "Blue" songs to my ears. I can't believe I haven't heard any of these until now. So, mucho thanks for the mewsic education. I'm not experiencing those Monday blues, everything is A.Ok here even though it's a very chilly morning! Here's hoping Mr. Blue Sky makes its way into our area later today. Have tunetastic Monday!

  2. Well, I'll tell you a lot of those you've introduced me too, but Bruno Mars sure picked me up. His songs are always feel good songs, don't ya think? Thanks & have a great rockin' week my friend... You've rocked the house once again! hugs

  3. I just notice those 'blue' songs! Great choice indeed..

  4. Ahh very interesting selections!
    Thanks for rocking!


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