Monday, January 23, 2017

Music Monday: What I am Feeling

Music Monday: Just some songs that I am feeling right now:

And because I am headed to the Oakland A's Fanfest at the end of the week (Something I am really looking forward to)

This is what I am feeling right now. Hope everybody has a great week.


  1. Nice selection. Less than 75 days until opening day! Baseball's the only game I understand...

  2. Patrick,

    When I was a kid, I liked going to local baseball games. There wasn't a lot for folks to do in rural southern WV to do, except sports. It was a fun past time for us to watch our classmates on the field. Of course, we played our share of baseball and softball, too. However, I never picked up watching baseball on TV like I did football. It won't be long before you can enjoy the Oakland A's.

    I enjoyed your Monday Music, some of these songs are new-to-me like "Hopes On Hold" by Ruben Blades. I recognized Blades as an actor but had no idea he is a singer, too. He's quite good, so thanks for the intro!

    Have a mewstastical day, my friend and thanks for dancing with the 4M crew!

  3. Some great songs here, love the Katy Perry one :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

  4. Interesting line up and all new to me :) Thanks for sharing!


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