Sunday, April 16, 2017

Music Monday: Sounds of the Summer of Love

Music Monday: The other day I went to the de Young Museum in San Francisco and saw their wonderful "Summer of Love" exhibit. I guess this Music Monday is inspired by that exhibit.

Hope you enjoyed a little of the sounds of the Summer of Love


  1. Awesome choices, Patrick! My favorite is Brown Eyed Girl - my friends and I always requested (and danced to) that song when we'd go to a club that had the same live band the first two weekends of every month - so much fun! Thanks for the dance - have a great week!

    Kill ‘Em With Kindness with the Bohemian Rhapsody since there’s a Last Time For Everything and a Million Reasons

  2. Might be the most significant summer in my life. Dad died that January and we went to San Francisco and spent a week and a half there (Mom was looking for work), then went to Disneyland. Great batch of songs here, and the last one was the anthem for that summer.

  3. Love, love, love the tunes you picked. Reminds me so much of the summers when I was in highschool. Great dancin' tunes too! Thanks much! Big hugs!

  4. Patrick, I haven't heard "Up Up Away" in long time but when I do it always puts a smile on my face. I can't help every time I hear "San Fransisco" I think of the movie scene with Sean Connery singing it in the shower from "The Rock". :D Thanks for swinging over for a dance and a peek at Art Sketching Through the Alphabet "N" (Nightingale). Have a tunetastic week, my friend!

  5. Wow! theses songs really take me back. I was in college during the summer of love.


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