Sunday, August 27, 2017

Music Monday: Songs That Teach You to Dance

Music Monday: Missed last week, way to busy but here some songs that are dances or dance moves. So take a listen and dance away:

And my favorite:
Hope everybody gets up and dances and enjoys some music.


  1. Well, these are some new ones for me! You can work it my friend! Woo Hoo Sorry that Gangnam stuff is just not my cup of tea! Now walking the dinosaur is BRAND NEW for me & I love it. hahaha Great beat & you can get the words right now! hahaha Come on do it with me! Woo Hoo!!! GREAT JOB my friend!

  2. Great choices today! Lots of fun. Got to get my groove on and dance.

  3. Walk the Dinosaur - I have to show my husband (a dinosaur fanatic) that one. The Locomotion is a fun one - several good covers of that Carol King classic because it is such a timeless song. And the Lockers showing their moves on Soul Train. Fun post! Time to dance.

  4. Patrick,

    Holy Cow, I just loved those dancers in The Soul Train clip! What fun energy and a total flashback to the 70s! Boy, those were ecstatic days! "Walk the Dinosaur" I don't remember or is just new-to-me, either way it made me smile. :D Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gals, my friend. It's always great to see you!

  5. Hey Patrick,
    You have some great choices here. I'm not familiar with the Lockers and the Electric Boogaloo. And on Soul Train's 25th Anniversary show! Such a classic show. Always been a favorite of mine. Love those Soul Train dancers!

    I never heard Kylie Minogue's version of Locomotion. I don't know who Kylie Minogue is even. But she does a good cover of it. I'm most familiar with Grand Funk's version...

    Another new-to-me is Don Was and Walk the Dinosaur. I like it! I love that arm move that reminds me of a that thunder lizard, the brontosaurus... That's fun.

    And I love Jimmy Buffett's Fins! Great song. Never thought of this one. It's perfect for this theme.

    Have a great week Patrick.

    Michele at Angels Bark

  6. Oh my gosh Rerun dancing with the Lockers! Oh how I love Music Mondays. Thanks for hanging out with us each week at Celebrate Your Story and have a great holiday.


  8. Great selection of songs. Whoo I use to love Kylie and neighbours when I was growing up. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays


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