Sunday, September 10, 2017

Music Monday: In Memory of 9/11

Music Monday: It is the 16th anniversary of that terrible day. This Music Monday is dedicated to all the victims and survivors of that tragic and horrible day:

In you busy day, please say a prayer for all of those affected by that horrible day.


  1. Patrick,

    You shared some new-to-me tunes. "Little Did She Know" is a touching song. I think I recall this one in recent years. I really enjoyed hearing for the first time the story of "Roselle" aiding her blind owner to safety. On this day 16-years ago, there were human and animal heroes! Saying prayers for everyone who lost someone on this horrific day and for America that God's grace always be upon her. Thanks for joining the 4M crew, my friend!

  2. Such a sad day. My niece's husband thought he'd lost his father on 9-11. Luckily, Gary didn't feel well and stopped on the way to his job, at the top of the twin towers. He was not allowed on the train at Grand Central Station because the first plane had hit. My nephew was convinced his dad had died when he couldn't reach him due to the jammed phone lines. God was with the family that day.

  3. I'm so happy somebody made a song for the hero dogs of 9-11! There were so many that were hurt and died. You have great pickin's here my friend. Let me say may God bless you & yours now because tomorrow is not promised. BIG HUGS

  4. I am hearing "Roselle" for the first time. It is wonderful to hear a rescue story with a (somewhat) happy ending. Respect for all those directly affected by that most horrible of days, including our animal helpers.

  5. Hi Patrick,
    Great post. Hey, we both included the song "Roselle"! That's such a great story, isn't it?
    I really enjoyed listening to Kristy Jackson introduce her song. Wonderful song about one of our heroes.
    I didn't know the rest of the songs you presented and was very happy to be introduced to them. Thanks for that!

    Have a great weekend,
    Michele at Angels Bark

  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That was a horrific day and you've chosen great songs.


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