Sunday, July 1, 2018

Music Monday: Songs About America

Music Monday: With the United States Independence Day on Wednesday, here are some songs to celebrate our nation as we turn 242 years old:

and two of my favorite songs about this nation:

I hope everyone has a good, fun and safe Fourth of July.


  1. Great touch with Ray Charles. Happy 4th!

  2. Patrick,

    Hocky smoke, you got some sparkletastic tunes for our patriotic theme week! Everyone needs a little James Brown to start their day off. Thanks for boogieing with the 4M gang, my friend. Have a safe & fun Independence Day!

  3. James Brown, what a way to start the celebration & Holy Cow, look how young Elton John is, dang! Now your last two tunes are my favorites too! Marvin Gaye... such a sad ending for such a great voice. I didn't expect anything else out of him for that song that's for sure. Ray Charles... did you see his movie? Wow, what a life huh? The man & his soul.. isn't that the blessed truth! Great line up my friend! Fantastic!!! Happy fourth have fun & be safe! hugs

  4. We are such a young country still. I hope the issues we are having will heal soon.
    Unfortunately, your songs did not come up for me but I can tell from comments what they were. I also, knowing you, they rocked the house.

    Happy 4th of July!
    Michelle aka Naila Moon

  5. Great selection Patrick. Aww you have reminded me of on old John Denver song I use to love now. Not sure if I have heard this one, I will play it now. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays :) Hope you can join us today.

  6. You knocked it out of the park (so to speak) with Ray Charles and his post 9/11 rendition of America the Beautiful at that year's World Series. And James Brown and Living in America - one of my favorite songs. Not sure why I didn't put it in my post, truthfully! Hope you had a wonderful 4th.

  7. Hi Patrick,
    Hope you had a great 4th! You have a terrific selection here. I didn't know Marvin Gaye had sung the National Anthem. That's cool. And Ray Charles, love him.
    Kickin' it off with James Brown -- way to go! I love that performance of that song. He had it goin' on...
    One of my all time Elton John faves is Philadelphia Freedom. And John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads always reminds me of my younger years.
    Great set here.

    Michele at Angels Bark

  8. ps: Thanks for including "A Mighty Wind is Blowing" --- that's a fine performance too... I'm listening to it again right now.
    "Blowing peace & freedom" --- oh yes!

  9. Excellent setlist, Patrick!

    Sorry to be so late getting around to everyone. It's just been one of those weeks. Can't go wrong with Ray Charles. Makes me want to stand up every time!


  10. Stellar choices as always, Patrick! I enjoyed them all! Hope you had an amazing 4th of July! :)


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