Sunday, July 2, 2023

Music Monday: Songs About America

 Music Monday: Just some songs to celebrate America's 247th birthday:

Hope everyone has a good and wonderful 4th. Be safe out there. 


  1. Excellent selections. You featured a performance with the complete This Land is Your Land. How old was I before I learned that what we learned in school and camp wasn't the complete song? Any celebration of our Indepence Day has to include Living in America and Ray Charles was the cherry on top. Yum!

  2. Sugarland is something I have not heard before. Sounds cool!

  3. Love your song choices, as usual! We shared one - two great minds and all that jazz. ;) Hope you have a fabulous 4th of July!

  4. OMG HELLO & HAPPY/SAFE FOURTH OF JULY to you and yours! Luvin' your tunes.. I'm hearin' Livin' in America by the King himself! OH YEAH, LIVIN' IN AMERICA.. I LIVE IN AMERICA & couldn't be prouder ... how about you? As far as I'm concerned this is the promise land! Wherever my Lord is it's promised that we are loved. Have a safe fourth my friend... to you and yours! Sure wished we lived closer I'd stop by & wish you a safe & happy fourth in person to you and your special family!

  5. L9ved your choices especially A Might Wind which is a great movie. Love Ray Charles.

  6. Patrick,

    When I was in elementary school, we were taught "This Land Is Your Land", a day when it was okay to teach kids about patriotism, The Pledge of Allegiance, and to recite the Lord's Prayer. The day Madelene O'Hara's influence had prayer removed from our schools was a sad, horrible day in America history. We don't have to agree with everyone but we should respect one another enough let others openly display his/her beliefs. If you don't want to hear, then don't listen. That's the way I am. There's plenty of stuff being said that doesn't align with how I believe.

    You gotta love James Brown's energy "Livin' In America". It's a great music that'll get you on your feet and the lyrics are fabulous. I love Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful". His version twists his style around the old classic which is heart tugging.

    I hope you had a lovely Independence Day, my friend. Thanks for joining the 4M party!


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