Sunday, March 10, 2024

Music Monday: A Letter to Casey

 For this edition of Music Monday, I am going to try to send a love letter  about someone so that Casey Kasem can dedicate some songs:

Dear Casey,

I CAN'T HOLD BACK  as there is a girl who is amazing. I am very shy but I have been WAITING FOR A GIRL LIKE HER but  we are friends and I am TOO SHY to tell her how I feel. There was this company outing AND WHEN SHE DANCED I truly had stars in my in eyes. She noticed that I watching her and started to come over but ME, MYSELF AND I just walked away and didn't say anything before she came to me. I am about to leave the company for a new job and would love to tell her that YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART.

Could you please play the following songs:

Thank You,



  1. Clever story and nice music selection.

  2. Very clever! I hope Casey plays your songs (I really miss him)

  3. I like your idea a lot, too! Excellent job and fantastic song picks to let the girl know how you feel. :) Have a boogietastic week, Patrick!

  4. Fun story, great music 🎶🎶😁💜🍀

  5. A very nice story and one that we should do more often. Just tell people how we feel. I'm not one for rap but I did likethe others.


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