Sunday, March 24, 2024

Music Monday: Song Lyrics That Have Been Misheard

 Music Monday: We are going to look at songs that have some misheard lyrics:

"We Built City"- Starship: Some people think that they hear: "We built this city on sausage rolls" but the correct line is "We built this city on rock and roll.":

"Chasing Payments"-Adele -  The correct lyric is "Or should I just keep chasing pavement" some people hear and think it is "Or should I just keep chasing penguins.":

"Royals" - by Lorde:  A lot of listeners sing "You can call me green bean" but line is actually "You can call me queen bean":

"We Didn't Start the Fire"- Billy Joel: The lyric is Bagan, Reagan, Palestine, Wheel of Fortune, Sally Ride," but some hear "Bacon-making Palestine, We love torture, Sally Ride.". Also there is another line that goes "Trouble in the Suez," and many have thought it is "Trouble in the Sewers"- according to Joel:

"Waterfalls"-TLC:  People think that they hear "Don't go Jason Waterfalls" but the correct lyric is "Don't go chasing Waterfalls":

"Africa"- Toto: I have made this mistake several times as I sung "There nothing that a hundred men on mars could ever do,", the correct lyric is "There nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do."

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  1. Rock is certainly full of misheard lyrics, and I am one of the Adele's Chasing Penguins crew. I think We Didn't Start the Fire is fertile ground for two reasons - first, Joel sings the lyrics so quickly and second, if you weren't alive for many of those events, you just might not know who or what Joel is singing about. For example, I wonder how many younger readers not of South Korean heritage will know who Syngman Rhee (one of the names he mentions) was. Anyway, nice selections.

  2. Those are funny and I'm sure there's a lot of those out there!

  3. I also picked that Billy Joel song. He sings so fast and if you don’t have a sense of the history you’re hopelessly lost

  4. Awesome choices, Patrick! And two great minds with "Royals". :)

  5. Great picks, there are so many out there and the Billy Joel choice is fertile ground!'s so funny how once heard the Misheard lyric sticks in your mind 💜


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