Saturday, August 10, 2013

Afterglow at the Hearst Gallery at St.Mary's

I took a college tour of St.Mary's College with my daughter. As we are starting that process. While she was in some session, I went over to the Hearst Gallery there. They had a cool exhibit called Afterglow which was artwork rethinking light and space art. I wasn't suppose to take pictures but I sneaked a couple:

"Rail 00"-Jonathan Runcio. Powder coated steel and acrylic

"Knowing Me, Knowing You"-Kathryn Van Dyke. Mirror and Mircofilament
"Black on Black"-Evan Holloway. Metal, paint and paper
"Unititled"-Jonathan Runcio. Ink on Synthetic Paper
"Cast Off #3"-Jonathan Runcio. Screenprint on Concrete
"Rail 03"-Jonathan Runcio. Steel, paint and acrylic
"Saluting the Various Fields"-Michelle Black. Acrylic ink on woven mylar

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