Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Visit to Diggers Diner in Hayward

I took the kiddos to place called Diggers Diner in Hayward. They say that have best burgers in town (actually they are tied with Val's) and for the most part they are right. They do have the some of most interesting art work on the walls:

Got to like it

Doing the food magic
They have this thing called the "Six-Food Under Challenge" where you have to eat six things on the menu:

The Challenge
And if you do, you get a T-shirt:

None of us even tried, but the food was good:

Jalapeno Jack Burger
"The Crypt"
Southwestern Burger

Food waiting to be served


  1. LOL - I am guessing that this is Hayward is somewhere America by the huge plates of food and the challenge to eat more. :) I could go for a really good burger, do you think they ship them around the world?

    1. I think that they would.

      Hayward is in Northern California is he halfway point between San Jose and San Francisco.

  2. i need to try this place. i am a big burger fan!


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