Friday, March 23, 2012

Changing Times

Yesterday, I had time off and decided to hit Height Street in San Francisco and see what is going on there. I like the vibe there. But everytime I am up there. It seems to change. I used to love going to this really cool bookstore and now it is gone-just an empty storefront. Across the street from it was a really cool coffee shop (I love tea, but I the vibe of coffeeshops, the more funkier the better) and now that is gone replaced by a burger joint.

The biggest blow came a couple of months ago when the Red Vic movie house closed, that was a little bit of a blow. I loved the place. It was weird and funky in a good kind of way. They did not show first run movies, but movies that were more independent in nature. They had couches and usually the film maker would should up and give a talk about is flick and answer questions.

As I went up there yesterday, I was a little hungry and headed to my favorite place-The People's Cafe. That place had the best food- burgers, sandwiches, nachos. Man, everything was great there. Well, anyway I went and saw the sign and noticed it was closed. Darn as I said these are changing times and the world is changing with it.

But there is one place that always remains the same up in the Height and that is Amoeba Music. Love that place. It just has more music than every place I know and it has almost everything you can ask for. Plus, the people that work there are nice. I mean, someone there spent about 15 minutes looking for the "USA for Africa" CD from 1985 for me. Didn't find it, but still.  I can spend hours there. Yesterday, I was only there for a little bit. Got the soundtrack from "Some Kind of Wonderful" on CD to download and it was in the clearance section, plus the first season of St. Elsewhere on the cheap. Pretty cool.

Hopefully that place will never change.

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