Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It is Tourney Time

Well, it is Conference Tourney time in College Basketball. I love this time of year, it is win or go home or in NASCAR it is called Checkers of Wreckers. But anyway, it is so fun to see every team get a chance to get into the Big Dance.

Like last night when Western Kentucky won the Sun Belt and will be headed to NCAA Tournament with a losing record. In theory they have a chance to play for the National Championship. It is just fun to watch.

I am a big Cal fan and even though they are 23-8, they are on the bubble. That is another great thing-The Bubble again it is win or sit an await your fate. Just the great drama, it is reality TV at its best.

I mean look at UConn and their March magic. Last year they won five games in five days to win the Big East (yes, they were on the bubble) and they won the National Championship.

This year they come into the Big East Tourney on the bubble and win yesterday and stage a huge comeback today to beat West Virginia in OT. Love it.

So, away I go into Tourney land.....It will be a fun ride

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