Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let' see..NCAA Dance version

Another day if the life....

Hoping that Cal wins tonight. I know that the Golden Bears were the last team in and hopefully they can make some noise in the tourney. At work and will not be able to see it since we do not have cable. But at leasgt put these "First Four" games on TNT or something instead of truTV.

 I mean truTV-It is the home of a show that I happened to see while flipping channels (It taught me to use the guide that Comcast provides from now on)-Southern Fried Stings last summer. I mean I guess the people in that show do not believe in something called the U.S. Constitution as they break it all of the time. I guess I was the stupid one as I sat there and watched this crap (two shows) for an hour with my jaw open. I am a huge fan of the U.S. Constitution and how it protects us. Well, anyway after watching that, I couldn't believe what I had seen and decided to write the show and told them all of the violations of the U.S. Constitution the so-called law in the show had done. Well, anyway they sent back a reply of "Please do not watch"-I thought it was funny was suprised that whoever thought up that crap could put together a complete sentence. Of course, I was the dumb one as I wasted an hour of my life on watching it and another 45 minutes e-mailing the bastards. Of course, turTV is home of Lizard Lick Towing-someone showed me the pics of this turkey (thank god, I have not watched it, of course if I do I might be a lobotomy).

But anyway, I got on a Tangent. As for the Tourney it will be a good one. I think that most teams are pretty even. I think that Cal will win tonight and beat Temple in their next game then losing in the Round of 32. The other local team Saint Mary's will also lose in the Round of 32.

My Final Four on the men's side will be: Kentucky, Missouri, Florida St and UNC with Kentucky winning it all. Just way too much talent on the Wildcats.

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