Friday, March 9, 2012


Just going to Dart here and there while listening to Howard Jones:

-As much as I love the Conference Tourney's going on, there is some serious bad basketball in the college ranks. I was keeping track of the San Jose St-Nevada game last night and geez it was bad. It was San Jose St up 14-13 at the half. Nevada won in the end, but it is a symbolic of where the college game is right now.

- Started to read a book about America and the 1968 Olympics called "Something in the Air", it looks very promising.

-Spring training is here and looking at the both of the local nines (the A's and Giants) and it might be an interesting here is the Bay.

-Looks like we will have two teams from the Bay in the Dance-Saint Mary's is in and hopefully Cal gets in also

-If you get a chance, go and see the one man play by Brian Copeland called "The Waiting Game", like is other one man play "Not a Genuine Black Man" it is powerful. This one is about his wait for a gun license (it is ten days after you apply) so he could buy a gun and commit suicide. Copeland was very depressed at the time and wanted to kill him, but first had to wait for a gun license to buy his weapon of demise. It goes into what one does in his 240 hours and his thoughts. Copeland in the end does not kill himself, but it is very powerful look at a pressing issue of today.

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