Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blue Sky Day

I was walking around Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco about a week ago and they had a huge event called Blue Sky Day going on. It was held in the middle of the afternoon. It was to promote a low carbon future and to educate us on how to get us away  from oil and climate change. Here is what my trusty camera picked up:

Trying to get off bottled water and drinking from the tap to save from making  plastic bottles
Waiting to educate us about the stuff we use
Environmental basketball
It is time to do what they say
Lawyers, I guess we need them
They had the best organic juice
The main stage and the new BART trains
Even though, I try to watch what I do in regards to the environment, I learned at this event that there is much I can do to help the earth. I am no hard core environmental activist but there is much more I can do to leave this earth a better place when my time is done than when I was born.

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